Our Services

Private Sessions

We will work with you one on one to establish realistic expectations that work for your unique situation and you will see immediate results.  We  offer both Virtual and In-Person sessions depending on your issues.

Board and Train

We provide a variety of in home board and train packages to meet your training goals.  Space is extremely limited and we only take on a limited number of cases at a time.

Training Gear

We offer a selection of high quality Biothane® leashes, long lines and slip leads from Little Leash Co .  We are an approved retailer of Ecollar Technologies Training collars and can provide Herm Sprenger collars. 

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What We Do

Puppy Foundations
Have you recently added a new addition to your family?  If you have a puppy under 6 months old we can teach you how to properly socialize your puppy, establish reasonable expectations and communicate clearly with your puppy in a way they can understand.
Basic Obedience
Our balanced training system covers the basics of loose leash walking, place, sit, down, establishing boundaries within the home, and maintaining a calm state of mind for a care-free pup.  This is designed for dogs who are over 6 months of age and have no reactivity.
Intermediate Obedience
Got the basics down but dreaming of a fool-proof reliable recall and loving the freedom of an off-leash pup?  For dogs who have completed our basic obedience balanced training we progress to provide a 100% reliable recall, off-leash heel and teach you to build engagement with your pup.
Advanced Obedience
For graduates of our Intermediate balanced training program these sessions take it to the next level.  You will learn to fine tune off-leash behaviours to provide focus, power, speed, fast transitions between play and obedience and we really kick up the level of distraction and relationship building!  
Aggression Rehabilitation
These sessions are best suited to dogs who are reactive on the leash with other dogs, prey animals, or approaching strangers.  We cover teaching your dog to achieve a calm neutral mind state around other dogs and people free from expectation and anxiety.  You will be amazed how fast you see results!  
Structured Play and Relationship Building
Is your dog well-behaved but interested in anything but you?  Would your pup rather play with their toy than with you? You would be surprised how many owners have trouble engaging and connecting with their companion in a meaningful way.  We can help with that!  

Success Stories

A couple years ago an elderly client came to Sal with her dog Norman.  Norman lived at home with her husband, herself and their French Bulldog.  Unfortunately due to a lack of structure and inadequate management of the social hierarchy between the two dogs they were constantly at odds with one another and eventually the French Bulldog was harmed in the process of Norman defending himself against what he perceived as a threat.  During the process of his rehabilitation Norman's owner decided that it would be too difficult to incorporate a new routine into her life and to provide the structure that would be needed to ensure the two dogs who had previously had such success being at odds with one another to succeed.  In light of her decision to euthanize instead, Sal and Adri decided to adopt Norman themselves.  He now helps teach other dogs struggling with aggression how to be calm and neutral around one another.  Due to his couch-potato nature they now call him Hodor.

- Meet Hodor

Why Choose Us

10+ Years of Experience
We may be new as a company, but we are anything but new to training.  We got our experience hands-on working with thousands of dogs over the years.  After training thousands of dogs and helping hundreds of families we decided it was time to branch out on our own.
Team Of Experts
You will not find anyone better in Canada when it comes to Aggressive dog rehabilitation.  We have even taught many of our competitors how to train dogs and how to work with dogs of any temperament or breed.
Personalized Solutions
We can help you work with a variety of issues for all stages of  your pet's life.  If a more individualized approach is what you are looking for we offer custom private sessions to establish reasonable expectations and meet your training goals.

Let The Number Speak

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She is doing amazing I can't believe it 💞✨   Listens real good I haven't had to correct her too much.  She's been a brand new dog!!!  I'm so happy too thank you so much!😭
Shelby and Honey Board and Train program
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